Gary Tzu

Gary Tzu (@authorgarytzu) is a writer who draws. He’s the bestselling author of Beyond Addiction to Awakening and other books. Read more→

Gary heard the eastern call for awakening and enlightenment while finishing law school in the early 1980′s. An intense thirst for awakening was born almost overnight. After being involved with rigorous meditation practices for a number of years as well as being involved with a number of different nondual teachers.


Gary realized it was important to make this journey of awakening his career path, and went back to university and completed his Masters and Doctorate in Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy merging western psychology with Eastern contemplative traditions.

Still through this time his journey for awakening had not been totally resolved. In fact, over time, Gary Tzu noticed a pervasive rot started to emerge as his wonderfully mystical experiences all proved to be meaningless and a dark night of the soul set in.

Subsequently, after many years of seeking, Gary Tzu had a profound breakthrough at the end of seeking in which he was able to embrace and accept total failure-hood and absolute hopelessness of seeking. Here, in this acceptance, there was an awakening beyond the separate self and mind into the vastness of eternal nondual existence, right here, right now, that had been available all the way along.

Since then, Gary Tzu has been sharing his nondual awakening insights in his university teaching and counsellor training, as well as with his individual clients and facilitating abiding in nondual being groups.

For a fuller account of his journey and his invitation to wholeness and nondual being beyond addiction and the separate self, see Gary’s book Beyond Addiction to Awakening.

To work on issues of fear and trauma, non-existence, hell, and other dark realm experiences, see Gary’s book Awakening in the Paradox of Darkness