The Three Phases of My Enlightenment

Typically enlightenment is described as Sat-chi-ananda, Truth, Consciousness, Bliss. However my process was quite different. My experience of full enlightenment and flowering of consciousness can be described by the ancient flowering of consciousness term Shatyam, Shivam, Sundrum. 1) Satyam means truth, and that means realizing enlightenment, no self, no other, just the vastness of existence. […]

Non-Dual Worlds Overruling Law Dharma

Integrate east-west non-dual worlds overriding law dharma, tao vs natural law, spirit, consciousness no mind- Zen vs. Jesus, western christian mystics only love Sufis, Kabir, vs Christ Mother Mary. St.Francis vast majestic being Christ vs. Shiva overall Buddha vs.Jesus decline of civilization after Buddha vs. America now supermind Aurobindo vs. Wilber Tantra Enlightenment vast cosmos oriented […]

Zen and the Ten Bulls

The Maharsi types unfortunately do not take their enlightenment back to the community and the wine store and celebration like what is taught in the famous ten oxherding pictures of Zen. We need a non-dual perspective that celebrates existence and remember roy Dopson and all you Maharshi types this perspective is only 8 out of […]

A New Phase Begins

With quite a surprise to end up here, I now enter my Buddha-Maharshi phase. This is an unexpected shift, after ripening into Krishnood in 2006, I woke up after my regular 2 hour sleep, and with one final early morning consultation, the Krishnahood phase is gone, it has left this being. A new friend, Ramana […]

Non-dual Enlightenment and Saving the World

Non-dual awakening and saving the world. I have heard many so-called non-dual teachers say they are not attached to whether the world carries on or comes to some form of mass destruction. This detachment is not helpful at all as passionate love for this gorgeous planet and all the beings that inhabit it certainly vastly […]

Diamond Heart

Loves and gives freedom, totally committed to loving existence and fellow beings, willing to ride out existence to the midnight sun, loves to soar, does not care who is the ultimate one. Love is kind, love is wild, can transform into what is required, to save a friend. A hurricane, lightning flashing, black velvet, loves […]

The Eternal Dance “My Work with Spiritual Beings Without Bodies: One More Time”

In my work with beings without bodies. I tell them the same thing that I tell embodied beings, embrace the wisdom of insecurity, be eternal gamblers in this majestic existence. The gig never stops, we are eternal beings, on and on the eternal moment goes, the grand play continues. You can’t suicide your way out […]

Non-dual enlightenment has to change just as existence itself never Stops Changing

In my evolving enlightenment perspective, I see a key role in abiding in non-dual enlightened being is embracing cosmic wildness.Our spirituality needs to touch this beautiful earth we live in, so we can  embrace the earth and the cosmos both, immanence and transcendence. One of the best being examples of this was Krishna who lived […]

Here is one Mike, more to come later today

It made me laugh in utter delight.. I went out for my run late yesterday but just a little bit. It was overcast as I headed out on one of the trails overlooking the town of Nelson. It is a beautiful not so steep trail as it use to be a rail line. 15 minutes […]

DIVING INTO THE FIRE OF TRAUMA: A nondual approach to healing and awakening.

DIVING INTO THE FIRE OF TRAUMA: A nondual approach to healing and awakening. Summary: The author explores his own attempts at healing from trauma, which led to an embracement of a nondual psychotherapy approach. He explains how catharsis therapy, psychodrama, and somatic experiencing, while initially helpful, did not facilitate a full healing. By moving to […]